Specialized Software for Improving Lead Quality, Conversions and Marketing ROI

1. Lead Tracking 
ConversionSweeper tracks leads from online forms and external source through email data import or ftp data import and manual import as well. Lead can also be entered manually.

2. Lead Management 
ConversionSweeper tracks lead lifecycle from contact to lead and to customer. Contact can be purchased listing or imported from other listing. Outbound marketing can promote contacts to leads. Leads can be categorized by status which identifies quality of lead. Thus, open lead becomes qualified lead or disqualified lead. Then, qualified lead can be sales win or sales loss. Once lead becomes a sale, information on lead becomes a customer.

3. Customized lead stage & lead quality 
ConversionSweeper allows customization of lead stage based on customer¡¯s environment. It also tracks up to 10 different conversion forms and allows customization of lead status on initial lead form. For example, some signup form is highly qualified than other signup form. In this case, highly qualified signup becomes a qualified lead as soon as it is saved in ConversionSweeper.

4. Lead Source Tracking 
ConversionSweeper tracks source of leads from organic search, paid search, email, referrals and direct.
Once lead is tracked in ConversionSweeper, each lead is associated with source of lead by medium (organic, cpc, referral, ..) and source (google, yahoo,..).

5. Detailed CPC Lead Source Tracking 
If lead source is cpc, information related to paid search such as campaign, ad group, and keyword are also tracked and available. It also helps track display based click vs. search based click. Besides, ad copy related information is also tracked.

6. Source tracking from first visit to last visit 
Contribution of signup can be latest visitors source of click or first visitors source of click. Whether it is the same person or different person that contributes to the signup, ConversionSweeper can track the source of lead.

7. If lead is entered manually without any clue on the source of lead, ConversionSweeper still identifies the source of lead if the business name carries a unique network domain.

8. Trend of lead source 
Lead count by its source and campaign is tracked by bi-weekly or monthly trend.

9. Tracking campaign 
Lead count is tracked by campaign. It also provides a mean to track total estimated revenue for all leads and sales which becomes an accurate campaign performance.

10. Sorting and query any field on the go 
ConversionSweepers grid is designed with SmartGWT and thus query data by fields is almost instant.

11. Lead listing by lead status 
Since source of leads are grouped by the status of lead, sorting the listing by each field can give a good clue on the impact of the selected field. For example, if by disqualified leads from paid search are sorted by campaign, we will know which campaign gives most poor quality leads.?