Sophisticated Software for Straightforward Lead Analytics and Management

Focus on managing your highest quality leads and quickly convert contacts into customers.
We understand that your requirements for tracking and managing leads can vary depending on the type of business you’re in.
The needs of a sole proprietor can be very different from that of corporations with multiple lead gen programs or agencies managing multiple clients.
That’s why we’ve developed a Solution to fit your business’s unique needs. Find out which Solution is right for you.

Business Solutions Package – ConversionSweeper’s Business Solutions Package is designed for the small business that manages leads
and digital marketing campaigns in-house. As a business owner, you spend a lot of time and money to generate leads, but likely don’t have the time to effectively manage and track every lead that comes in. ConversionSweeper for Business gives you a streamlined tool to make sure you know the source of your high quality leads and gives you the tools to track and manage your leads from contact to customer.

Corporate Solutions Package - This package is designed for larger businesses that have a short lead lifecycle and a high volume of leads and typically have multiple staff involved in lead management. With this many moving parts, it can be difficult to effectively manage leads with consistency and to ensure that quality leads don’t fall through the cracks. ConversionSweeper for Corporate gives you a tool that integrates with existing lead generation programs, scales for multiple users and provides consistency in determining quality leads and then nurturing them through the lead lifecycle.

Agency Solutions Package – Our Agency Solutions Package is designed for digital marketing agencies who are managing multiple client accounts in the SAAS and subscription business. With multiple clients and multiple account managers, lead tracking and management can quickly turn into a real balancing act. ConversionSweeper for Agencies gives you tools to efficiently and effectively manage leads and ensure the process is consistent across clients and account managers.

Solutions Package Pricing

We developed our Solutions Packages to meet the varying needs of our clients, and we’ve set our pricing based on your lead volume and number of users.
Our aim is to provide you with the features you need and charge you for the features you use.

Business Solutions Package

$50/ per monthSMALL BUSINESS

  • Account fee $50
  • User Fee Free
  • (For 1 user, $10 for each additional user)
  • Data Usage Free for up to 200 leads
  • ($30 for each additional 200 leads)

Agency Solutions Package

$-/ per monthAGENCY SPECIAL

  • 30% discount from overall cost