To convert more leads you need to start with more quality leads. Lead source. Lead management. Lead quality.
All of the features you need to maximize lead generation ROI. Lead source analytics. Lead management lite. Lead quality insights.

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Lead Source Analytics

As a digital marketer, you need real time information on the performance of your lead generation programs. Our digital lead source analytics gives you the information you need so you can focus on your best leads and improve your ROI.

Automatically track digital leads. Track leads by source, medium and campaign. Our tracking goes beyond standard Google Analytics to identify the source(s) of your highest quality leads.

Connect quality leads to their source. Drill down within PPC lead source to identify the campaign, keywords and ads that are resulting in your highest quality leads. 

Uncover the source of manually entered leads. Manually enter leads and then uncover the source when a unique network domain exists. 

Track the source from multiple visits. Track the source of a lead’s first visit as well as last visit before sign-up to learn the contribution of each source. 

Accurately track leads across multiple domains. Track leads accurately whether they hop from one domain to another or remain in the same domain.

Lead Management Lite

As a SAAS or online subscription based business, you need straightforward lead management to easily monitor and manage leads through the sales funnel. Our Lead Management Lite approach allows you to streamline lead management so you can focus on the highest quality leads and close more deals.

Streamlined lead management. Promote and manage leads from contact to close with easy and simple steps.

Quick status updates. Update the status of leads as they move through the lifecycle. Easily monitor summary and detail lead status using Lead Management dashboard.

Simple lead follow-up. Assign, update and monitor follow-up actions to effectively manage leads and ensure qualified leads aren’t lost to follow-up.

Track the source from multiple visits. Track the source of a lead’s first visit as well as last visit before sign-up to learn the contribution of each source.

Customizable fields. Customize lead stage fields and add details on each lead to fit the needs of your business.

Lead Quality Insights

As a business that relies heavily on digital leads, you want to focus your efforts and resources on lead quality not just quantity. Our lead quality insights give you the information and tools to optimize marketing campaigns and improve ROI.

Powerful lead quality insights. Uncover the campaigns, keywords and ads that result in the highest quality leads/conversions.

Easy to use information. Improve marketing ROI with actionable information on lead source and quality. Revise marketing and advertising spend based on actual marketing results.

Real-time information. Update lead status quickly and review campaign performance instantly to make quick and intelligent decisions.

ClickSweeper Integration 
Integrate with ClickSweeper PPC management software. Edit campaigns based on real-time lead source and lead quality data to improve ad performance.

Integration with Existing Platforms
Easily integrates with your existing platforms including marketing automation, CRM, lead management and more. No need to modify or change your existing platforms.