If you are running an online business, chances are you live and die by the success of your lead generation efforts. You spend a significant amount of time and money to generate a constant flow of new leads or signup but are then faced with the task of effectively managing these leads and improving lead quality.

Many lead tracking and management tools are designed for businesses with complex lead management systems that include a long sales cycle and multiple sales reps that take ownership of a lead and then nurture each one through an algorithm of steps and actions towards the close. These can be great tools for the right business.
However, if you have a short sales funnel and operate without the use of sales reps, but are currently using one of these more complex tools, it is likely you are paying for but aren’t using a lot of the features.   Or perhaps you are attempting to track and manage leads manually. If you are attempting the manual approach to lead tracking, it is likely that you are spending far too much time on tracking and managing tasks and taking you away from spending your time on more valuable activities that are focused on growing your business.

If you are a digital marketer who operates within a short sales funnel, you need tools that provide real time information on the performance of your lead generation programs without getting bogged down with, or spending money on, unnecessary complexity.
ConversionSweeper serves this need by streamlining the lead tracking and management function and giving you the information you need to help you focus on the highest quality leads and closing more deals.   How do we do it? An example of ConversionSweeper’s features designed to streamline lead tracking and management are outlined below;

  •  Track leads by source, medium and campaign. Tracking goes beyond standard Google Analytics to identify the source(s) of your qualifying leads.
  • Promote and manage leads from contact to close with easy and simple steps.
  • Update the status of leads as they move through the life cycle. Easily monitor summary and detail lead status using Lead Management dashboard
  • Uncover the campaigns, keywords and ads that result in qualified leads and paying customers
  • Improve marketing ROI with actionable information on lead source and quality.  Revise marketing and advertising spend based on actual marketing results.
  •  Automate lead status update by integrating with CRM and other marketing automation software or picking up billing event.
  • Email leads with new or saved email messages.