Best practices for tracking leads and lead source

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Every day it seems we learn of a new way to reach potential customers, generate leads and direct leads to our desired page or site. While this presents marketers with many options, it can also be expensive and time consuming if you don’t have an efficient way to determine the source of your best leads and the method used or path the lead took to reach you (e.g. phone, link, URL).

You are likely using a number of sources to generate leads and those leads can take different paths to land on your page or get in touch. As a marketing leader or business owner you want to know where your best leads are coming from and how they are reaching out to you. Today I’ll walk you through the four most common paths and discuss several tools available to help you track leads, lead source and lead path.

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New lead management tool developed specifically for the subscription and SAAS based business.

If you are running an online business, chances are you live and die by the success of your lead generation efforts. You spend a significant amount of time and money to generate a constant flow of new leads or signup but are then faced with the task of effectively managing these leads and improving lead quality.

Many lead tracking and management tools are designed for businesses with complex lead management systems that include a long sales cycle and multiple sales reps that take ownership of a lead and then nurture each one through an algorithm of steps and actions towards the close. These can be great tools for the right business.
However, if you have a short sales funnel and operate without the use of sales reps, but are currently using one of these more complex tools, it is likely you are paying for but aren’t using a lot of the features.   Or perhaps you are attempting to track and manage leads manually. If you are attempting the manual approach to lead tracking, it is likely that you are spending far too much time on tracking and managing tasks and taking you away from spending your time on more valuable activities that are focused on growing your business.

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Varazo Announces Release of ConversionSweeper Software.

Varazo announces release of ConversionSweeper software for straightforward digital lead analytics and management.

SANTA CLARA, CA 10/8/13 – Varazo, an innovator of digital marketing software, today announced the release of ConversionSweeper software for straightforward digital lead analytics and management.  ConversionSweeper, developed specifically with the needs of SAAS and subscription based businesses in mind, features lead source analytics, lead management lite and lead quality insights.

ConversionSweeper’s lead source analytics tracks leads by source, medium and campaign. The software goes beyond standard Google Analytics helping marketers identify the source of their highest quality leads. The lead management lite feature provides straightforward lead lifecycle management with simple steps to move and manage leads from contact to customer. Lead quality insights give digital marketers powerful ways to uncover the campaigns, keywords and ads that result in the highest quality leads and conversions.

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Five steps to complete Marketing Automation

It can be argued that more than any other function within an enterprise Marketing has been impacted the most by the digital revolution. Marketers have benefited from many advantages such as the ability to make ad copy changes on the fly, access to many more channels for reaching customers, much better targeting and the ability to track results in detail and real time. Of course, there have also been disadvantages and new challenges as marketing has moved online.  Marketers are challenged to stay on top of constantly evolving technology and manage the ever growing number and diversity of communication and ad channels.

The good news is that an entire industry dedicated to helping digital marketers manage, automate and optimize campaigns has been created. There are many new tools to help digital marketers manage their online marketing campaigns and programs, but knowing which one is best for your company and the best time to implement a given tool for your company can be yet another challenge. If you are ready to automate your marketing process or take your marketing automation to the next level, read on.

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