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by simply typing leadsource.marketing

Our mission is to help clients implement cost effective digital marketing strategies with streamlined lead tracking and management, ad spending optimization and accurate ROI tracking.

We are a team of digital marketing professionals with strong technical backgrounds who are passionate about helping marketers improve digital marketing performance through technology.

Our strong technical background and marketing expertise gives us the knowledge and insight to deliver ConversionSweeper lead tracking and management software and ClickSweeper PPC software that is on the cutting edge.

As the digital marketing industry evolves, Varazo continues to advance keeping step with the changing needs of marketers and the technology available. We are committed to finding real solutions for digital marketers through a combination of custom-built software tools and sound marketing principles. Recognizing the right solution at the right time is everything in this business. We’ve got it, and we’ll share it with you.

Most Frequently Asked Questions
Who are the clients who use ConversionSweeper?
  • SAAS business or online service business
  • Small B2B business
  • Marketing Agency
How do I automate lead management?
  • Customers that offer a free trial have internal database table to track end of trial and status of signup after the trial. Thus, customer can integrate with internal database at ‘Integraton’ menu and ‘API Integration’ tab. From it, click on ‘this guide’ and read ‘Internal Automation’.
  • Auto Update rule can also be applied to automate the process.

Auto rule can be set such that each lead with number of days of inaction, status can be updated.

  • Since lead from different signup page represents different lead quality or process, lead can be assigned to a specific status and stage. For trial signup with credit card can represent a quality of Opportunity while lead with demo request only represents lead quality yet.
  • If the account already has SalesForce or other lead management or CRM system, ConversionSweeper can update the status from the main lead management system. This can be synchronized from ‘Integration’. There is ‘SalesForce’ tab or ‘API Integration’ tab that helps download the status from it to match the status.
I have lead management system and don’t need another.

ConversionSweeper works well with other lead management system by synchronizing lead status with SalesForce or other CRM and lead management system. First, you need to click on ‘Integration’ menu. Then, you can setup status mapping with SalesForce or synchronize with other lead management application.

How ConversionSweeper is Being Used
Centralized Lead Management
Automated Lead Management
Analyze Marketing Campaign Success
Uncover Source of Search Marketing Success