Lead Source Analytics

Track leads by source, medium and campaign. Go beyond standard Google Analytics and
identify the source of your highest quality leads.

Track leads by medium (organic, PPC, email, referrals, direct) source (Google, Bing, Yahoo . . ) and campaign to learn exactly where your best leads are coming from.

Drill down within PPC source to identify the campaign, keywords and ads that are producing the highest quality leads.

Lead Management Lite

Straightforward lead lifecycle management. Simple steps to move and manage leads from contact to customer.

Straightforward lead management designed for online SAAS and subscription based business. Easily move contact records from lead to qualified/disqualified to win/loss.

Monitor summary and detail lead status using Lead Management dashboard.

Lead Quality Insights

Powerful insights to uncover the campaigns, keywords and ads that result in the highest quality leads/conversions.

Track lead conversions to identify which campaigns, ads and keywords are resulting in highest quality leads/conversions.

Integrate with ClickSweeper to improve ad performance based on real time lead source and quality insights.

Lead Management Automation for improving Lead Quality and Marketing ROI


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